Kangaroo or nursery for baby care (2)

Kangaroo or nursery for baby care (2)

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Both a babysitter and a nursery have advantages over each other. The nursery is usually cheaper, it can cost up to 300 euros for public ones, while private ones usually cost 120 to 500 euros per month. The nursery stands out for the socialization of the little ones, which can also be seen as negative if it is considered that contact with peers can mean not only a change in signals and contact, but also viruses and diseases.

In a nursery, the baby will make friends, learn to share, eat everything, and surely all their basic educational needs are covered. The only downside to childcare is that there is a very high demand, which forces many parents to stay on the waiting list to get a place for their child. In addition to that, another concern that parents show is that in the nursery, as soon as the baby contracts any disease or has more than 37 degrees of fever, he will not be able to go to their facilities until he is better.

Other than that, the hours of public day care centers do not always match those of some parents at work. As for a caregiver, her work stands out for the individualized treatment of the baby. The little one will remain in a familiar and familiar environment, he will not catch so many illnesses, and his schedule flexibility is better. In addition, the baby will not feel the changes in feeding, schedules, etc. The difficult thing for parents who choose this alternative is to find a caregiver who really lives up to what they expect. It is a very difficult task, although not impossible.

It is advisable to make a good and safe selection, to avoid that a possible change creates instability in the baby. It is necessary to consider that to receive the best service you do not necessarily have to pay more. The quality of care with the baby, in a nursery or under the care of a caregiver, must be measured by the vigilance and interest of the parents. Education, as well as care, should be the result of integration between the nursery or caregiver, with the baby's parents.

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