Day of saint Felix, July 12. Names for boys

Day of saint Felix, July 12. Names for boys

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Felix is ​​a name for a boy of Latin origin that means "happy" or "lucky." What better meaning to receive the arrival of your son and dedicate him to a life full of fortune and happiness. Although Felix is ​​not one of the most frequent names, he is still very topical because he gives a certain air of nobility and goodness. He celebrates his name day on July 12, which is the day of San Felix.

The name Felix implies a sensitive and willful personality. Very attached to his family environment, Félix has a great capacity for work, he is very thoughtful and correct in his decisions. Time is not important to him, but rather the positive result, something he almost always achieves thanks to his affable and optimistic character.

Félix is ​​a perfectly recognizable name in other languages ​​and presents a very different variant in Spanish, which is Feliciano. Her feminine is also a very attractive name for a girl, Felisa, and very familiar is also her English variant Felicity, thanks to a popular television series. It is, in any case, an ideal name for your child with an original touch while maintaining tradition.

We know many famous people who are named after your son. The first that comes to mind is the beloved naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, whose documentaries about animals we continue to remember. At present, we have in our country a great fashion designer Félix Ramiro and the international success of tennis player Feliciano López.

As a curiosity, few people know that the real name of the great Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío was Félix Ramón García Sarmiento. But the name of your son Felix also gave name to the European film awards. And for the little ones, surely this name is more familiar to them because of the popular cartoon character, Felix the cat.

To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of January, consult our calendar of the names of the saints of July. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

And besides, we have the most complete guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

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