Day of Saint Constantine, April 12. Names for boys

Day of Saint Constantine, April 12. Names for boys

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Constantino is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means "strong" or "enduring". It is a name from a long tradition that will give your child a dignity like no other.

If you like those old names, but they are not outdated, Constantino has the ideal name to reinforce the personality of your child. He celebrates his name day on April 12, which is the day of Saint Constantine.

By the meaning of his name, Constantino implies an overwhelming personality full of energy and determination. Constantine is an affable person who knows how to win the sympathy and trust of others, as one of his main characteristics is his loyalty. In addition, Constantino shows commitment and commitment, which added to his intelligence and creativity, make him a very charismatic person.

The name Constantine is used throughout the world, but it is more frequent in the Greek and Slavic realms. Its Greek variant Konstantinos is very frequent as well as the Russian Konstantin. In any case, given the characteristics of the name, Constanino belongs to that group that without being frequent, has never gone out of style.

Emperors, kings, dukes and popes have borne the name of your son throughout history, helping to elevate our appreciation of the name Constantine. However, we are very familiar with the beloved presenter and Spanish dubbing actor Constantino Romero, the legendary host of television shows and who was the unforgettable voice of Clint Eastwood.

It is in Greece where we find a broader representation of the name of your son. Kings Constantine I and II of Greece, direct relatives of Queen Sofia, in the realm of royalty, while the letters also have their Constantine, like the poet Costantinos Kavafis, who with his unforgettable poem "Ithaca", gave us a whole vital lesson.

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