The best and worst country in the world to be a mom

The best and worst country in the world to be a mom

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It is a fact that being a mother in a country without resources or developing is not the same as in a developed one. Unfortunately, the quality of life for mothers and their children is much better in some places on earth than in others. There are mothers who have it much more difficult than others simply because they live in a certain country.

The NGO Save the children has spread, like every year, her list of the best places in the world to be a mother. It is the Maternity Index, which it includes in its report State of the world's women 2013.

The result for some countries has been more favorable than in previous years, this is the case of Spain, which has gone from sixteenth to seventh place. Spain, therefore, occupies the seventh best place in the world to be a mother. However, poverty in households with children is increasing alarmingly.

You will wonder what is the best place in the world to be a mother. According to this NGO, and evaluating aspects such as the well-being, health, education and economic situation of mothers, as well as maternal and infant mortality rates, Finland is the most suitable country in the world to be a mother.

And, if there is a first place, there is also a last one. The moms of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Africa, they are the ones that have it more difficult of all the countries of the world.

As for Latin America, Cuba, ranked 33rd on the list, ranks as the best country to be a mom. It is followed by Argentina, at 36, Costa Rica, at 41, Mexico, at 49, and Chile at 51 on the list. The Latin American country with the lowest quality for moms and their children is Haiti, ranked at number 164.

It is curious how the United States, the world's leading power, is ranked 30, below countries with much lower income. This is because they have a high risk of maternal mortality.

These data serve NGOs such as Save the Children to educate governments about the plight of mothers and their children in certain parts of the world.

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